Dan the Little Turtle

By Jonathan Archibold

Inspired by Turtleinni

Dan the Turtle wants to go on an adventure.
He has not left his house in a long time.
So he sets off on a trip.

One of the folk that Dan met was Gary the Dog.
“Good evening,” Dan said.
“Good evening to you, too,” said Gary the Dog.

Dan was having fun on his adventure.
But he was getting hungry.
He had not eaten since he had left.

Dan ran into Pat the Cat.
Dan asked “Hello, do you   know where there is some food?”
Pat the Cat answered, ”I have some food that I can
catch for you.”
“Thank you so much,” said Dan.

So Pat the Cat went down to the docks and caught a fish and brought it to Dan the turtle.
“Thank you,” he said.
“No problem,” said Pat.

Then Dan the Turtle ate his yummy fish.
When Dan was done, he felt that it was time to go back home to his little house in the grass.

On the way home, Dan the Turtle ate some dessert.
He had some yellow flowers with some green leaves.

When Dan got back home, he was glad he had gone on an adventure.
He was also glad that he met two new friends.
Then he took a nap.