Why There Should Be a Lego Store in Eureka, C.A.

Dear Lego Company:

Whenever I go to a Lego store, it’s usually hundreds of miles away. I used to be in a Lego engineering class in Arcata and some of the kid’s parents would drive two to three hours to get to that class because we all love Legos. I think there should be a Lego store in Eureka, because it is great location. If there was a Lego store in Eureka, fans could do activities with Legos.  There are many other kids who would agree with me and would love it. There aren’t that many good places in Humboldt County to buy Lego sets.

Eureka is an excellent location for a Lego store. The closest Lego store to Humboldt County is San Mateo which is close to San Francisco. That is 238 miles from my house. The closest Lego store north of us is in Portland, Oregon. That is 363 miles from Miranda where I live. Eureka is the biggest city in the middle. There are some large stores to rent in the Bayshore Mall. The main city that everyone in Humboldt County shops at is Eureka..  The population of Humboldt is 134,000 and 23% are under 18 years old. Many of them love Legos.

Having a Lego store in Eureka would give Lego fans an opportunity to do things with Legos. When I have visited Lego stores, they have clubs and mini model building classes.  It’s neat how in the Lego classes you can create something original and you will display it for everyone to see who goes there.  Plus getting to check out some of the biggest Lego models is really cool, for example a huge space battle in Lego Star Wars display, or some Lego car that you guys made up.  One of my favorite parts of a Lego store is the displays.  They always give me ideas to build and inspire me.  Eureka does not have many exciting things for kids to do there. So kids would love to have more activities to do like classes at a Lego store.
There were 30 kids at my Lego engineering class in Arcata. It also had a waiting list. Amon has been teaching these Lego classes for at least 5 years and they are full every time.  For this reason, I believe the Lego store classes will be packed and the store will be full.

In Humboldt County, you can buy Lego sets at Target, KB Toys, Toy Box, Kmart, and Allsport.  Whenever I get a Lego set around here, I get them late or overpriced, like at Allsport, a store in Garberville a $10 set is $17.  The best store to get sets around here is Target. They have good prices but their selection is lacking.  They sell out most of the best sets really quick. But everytime I go to the Lego store, I get a nice price and a nice variety of sets.  If we had a local Lego store, fans could start using VIP points which are points that you can earn by buying sets on the Lego website or shop at the Lego store and you can redeem them and get discounts and exclusive sets.  This will encourage more fans to shop at the Lego store in Eureka.

A Lego store in Eureka could stock up on Legos really easy. Eureka is a port city, so Lego can ship their products straight from Denmark to the Humboldt Bay.   Shipments at the docks can take five minutes at the most to get to the Bayshore Mall.  You could have quicker shipments to Eureka. This could save you money.

I know a lot of people in Humboldt County who are Lego fans who have never been to a Lego store. Having a Lego store in Eureka will give fans a chance to get to a Lego store.  Having a Lego store in Eureka will make you money.

Please write me back,

 Jonathan Archibold