Who Wouldn’t Want to Work with Legos?

According to Amon Armstrong who works at Play Well in Arcata, “I’ve loved LEGO since I was about 6 years old. I used to wake up early and build projects,  then show them to my parents when they woke up.” Everyone knows that kids love Legos but did you know grownups love Legos, too?

Armstrong likes his job and this is why, “I love teaching kids and this is a great way to keep them interested while slipping in some nice engineering lessons along the way.” Mr. Armstrong has been into teaching kids and has been into Legos since he was 6 years old. Now he teaches kids how to build really cool Legos projects at Play Well.

In order to get his job at Play Well, Amon Armstrong said, “I really just had to have experience with teaching kids and to be enthusiastic.” Armstrong’s job is an instructor who does Lego classes 2 times a week and he sometimes conducts Lego birthday parties. He said, “I just see myself working really hard to make everything just right for the students, then I relax and help any way I can to get kids to the point where they are SO excited about what they have created that they can barely suppress giggles and screams.”

Amon teaches kids techniques and good building lessons with Lego. They build remote control cars to solar power vehicles. If your kid likes Legos and if you’re willing to pay $100 for classes Play Well in Arcada is the place. Here’s a link to the Play Well website.


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