Ryan Farrell, Doing Well

Ryan Farrell, a six year old child, son of Jesse Farrell, who was formerly a student at Salmon Creek Community School, is doing baseball, some occasional play dates, and homestudy now. According to Mr. Farrell, “Ryan has a couple of teachers–Heather Sharlack, Clifford Kitts, and [Kym Kemp].”

When Ryan Farrell was at Salmon Creek Community School, hiking, outdoor games, and other outside activities were his favorite things to do. Recently, Ryan came on a school field trip to see the Hawaiian Chieftain and the Blue Ox Millworks. He still comes to Salmon Creek School events. Now he is playing baseball with three of his old classmates and also having swim lessons.  Ryan doesn’t really miss Salmon Creek School and is doing well.

His father, Jesse Farrell said, “Ryan is really smart but has some emotional difficulties. I think Salmon Creek School needs to acquire a certified counselor to aid in social behavior and the emotional growth of the children. They should be there as a positive influence and not a discipline enforcer. That would be a valuable resource for the school in my opinion.”


Gray Scromplet

Eagles are strong and fierce creatures that catch fish, have great giant nests, have enormous wingspans, and adorable babies. I think that the new eaglet on the North Coast should be called Omega. In the Greek language,  “Omega” is the last letter in the alphabet and the little eagle was born last. I hope this eaglet will grow up to become a strong mother or father with a giant nest and with two adorable little scroplets of his or her own.