Did you know that 1.1 million  people immigrate to America every year? Immigration started when the white settlers came to the United States. Immigration has been an important part of our history ever since. Some of the difficult issues of immigration are that families get torn apart, so much money gets invested in immigration, and too many people want to come to the U.S.

I know many people that have immigrated to California and the biggest problem is that they can’t see their uncles or nephews, sometimes they can’t even see their wives. I find it pretty stupid that you can’t see your relatives because they were born in a different country.

Two years ago, some kids went to school and came back to an empty house, the reason for this was I.C.E. (Immigration Customs Enforcement) came, while the kids were at school, I.C.E. took their parents away because they were illegal immigrants. Did you know that in order to gain citizenship in the U.S. you have to have photo of you, your arrest records, birth certificate, answer 100 questions, and be accepted.

The government has invested way too much money into  immigration control and the wall in Mexico.  The government almost bankrupted our country because they were putting too much money into the wall in Mexico.  The wall was meant to keep illegal immigrants out of the United states of America. The government owes $17,225,611,394,326.98 mainly because they keep building the wall.

So many people want to come to the U.S.A.  because it’s a free country and a wealthy country. “Free country” means that you have the right to be free and speak your mind and be your self. Around 12 million people out of 120.8 from Mexico, in the past four decades have gone to the US, all were illegal immigrants and its not just in Mexico (Mexico-US Immigration Remittance,

Some women in other countries can’t show any of their skin, others countries won’t let you choose a religion, and some countries won’t let you travel unless you apply for a visa.

Immigration is a hard thing to control and, it’s a big part of our history as well. What troubles me most about immigration is that families get separated, the government puts too much money in it, and to many people want to live in the US. The government has tried to prevent immigrating illegally but illegal immigrants still enter the borders in spite of all the work the government has put in.



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