Constitution SA

The Constitution of the U.S. is what made us a country. Without it, there would be no U.S. The Constitution is important for five reasons, it established three types of government, it affects our country, balance of power, and What if there was no constitution, and why the constitution is important too.

The Constitution made three different branches of government and they are Executive, Legislature, and Judicial.  The Executive branch is the president and the vice president that have served for four years. The Legislature is someone who makes the laws, and the Judiciary is the judge.

The Constitution makes us a more organized country, it tells us that the states share resources such as money, military, and  we all measure and weigh the same. The constitution makes sure that all the states are are one.

The balance of power is what makes sure that we will never be ruled by a king. It also give us the right to vote. The balance of power gives citizens of the US  to have the same amount of power over the other, so no more slaves.

If there was no constitution, each state would be its own country, and we would have very dysfunctional system. We would not have not have the right to vote the law would be judged by the king. We would have a king.

The Constitution is important for several reasons, it stopped shays rebellion, it made all the states as one, it gave us the right to vote, and made the three branches of government.

The Constitution is a big part of our history. We would be in a very different place without it. There would be no branches of government, no balance of power, and no precedents.



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