Have you ever wanted to meet the creator of Star Wars and indiana Jones? It would be awesome to have George Lucas at my school as a guest speaker. I would choose him for three reasons. He’s is a great guest speaker because he could tell us how he became a director, how we could show us how to make a film, and hes a good with children.

George Lucas is the man who made the greatest Sci-fi space opera ever Star Wars, and the Harrison Ford greatest adventure movie of all time Indiana Jones, starring Harrison

Ford. He’s one of the greatest directors in history. He could tell us how he became such a great Director and why he wanted to be an animator. He could tell us some of his favorite characters he’s ever made.

What would be cool is if the whole class got together and made a short film with George Lucas. He could teach us how to do computer animation. We could also maybe see his equipment and what he uses.

He could also teach us what we could need to make a movie. We could learn how to use Light and Magic a company that he made, which made the special effects star wars so cool.

American Graffiti was nominated in five categories at that year’s Academy Awards, including Best Picture, Best Screenplay, and Best Director for Lucas, and is still considered one of the most successful low budget features ever made. (“George Lucas Biography,” Biography.com).

George Lucas is the father of computer of special effects. He’s retired and

has experience with children so he could come and tell us how he was inspired, teach us about special effects, and his greatest and favorite films.

There are so many things that we could learn from this man. Lucas made so many things that changed the way movies are today. He would be a great guest speaker for our school because he made special effects, he could talk about how he became a director, and He is good with kids.


“George Lucas Biography.” Biography.com. Biography. Web. 10 Mar 2014.




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