Have you ever wanted to meet the creator of Star Wars and indiana Jones? It would be awesome to have George Lucas at my school as a guest speaker. I would choose him for three reasons. He’s is a great guest speaker because he could tell us how he became a director, how we could show us how to make a film, and hes a good with children.

George Lucas is the man who made the greatest Sci-fi space opera ever Star Wars, and the Harrison Ford greatest adventure movie of all time Indiana Jones, starring Harrison

Ford. He’s one of the greatest directors in history. He could tell us how he became such a great Director and why he wanted to be an animator. He could tell us some of his favorite characters he’s ever made.

What would be cool is if the whole class got together and made a short film with George Lucas. He could teach us how to do computer animation. We could also maybe see his equipment and what he uses.

He could also teach us what we could need to make a movie. We could learn how to use Light and Magic a company that he made, which made the special effects star wars so cool.

American Graffiti was nominated in five categories at that year’s Academy Awards, including Best Picture, Best Screenplay, and Best Director for Lucas, and is still considered one of the most successful low budget features ever made. (“George Lucas Biography,” Biography.com).

George Lucas is the father of computer of special effects. He’s retired and

has experience with children so he could come and tell us how he was inspired, teach us about special effects, and his greatest and favorite films.

There are so many things that we could learn from this man. Lucas made so many things that changed the way movies are today. He would be a great guest speaker for our school because he made special effects, he could talk about how he became a director, and He is good with kids.


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Constitution SA

The Constitution of the U.S. is what made us a country. Without it, there would be no U.S. The Constitution is important for five reasons, it established three types of government, it affects our country, balance of power, and What if there was no constitution, and why the constitution is important too.

The Constitution made three different branches of government and they are Executive, Legislature, and Judicial.  The Executive branch is the president and the vice president that have served for four years. The Legislature is someone who makes the laws, and the Judiciary is the judge.

The Constitution makes us a more organized country, it tells us that the states share resources such as money, military, and  we all measure and weigh the same. The constitution makes sure that all the states are are one.

The balance of power is what makes sure that we will never be ruled by a king. It also give us the right to vote. The balance of power gives citizens of the US  to have the same amount of power over the other, so no more slaves.

If there was no constitution, each state would be its own country, and we would have very dysfunctional system. We would not have not have the right to vote the law would be judged by the king. We would have a king.

The Constitution is important for several reasons, it stopped shays rebellion, it made all the states as one, it gave us the right to vote, and made the three branches of government.

The Constitution is a big part of our history. We would be in a very different place without it. There would be no branches of government, no balance of power, and no precedents.



Did you know that 1.1 million  people immigrate to America every year? Immigration started when the white settlers came to the United States. Immigration has been an important part of our history ever since. Some of the difficult issues of immigration are that families get torn apart, so much money gets invested in immigration, and too many people want to come to the U.S.

I know many people that have immigrated to California and the biggest problem is that they can’t see their uncles or nephews, sometimes they can’t even see their wives. I find it pretty stupid that you can’t see your relatives because they were born in a different country.

Two years ago, some kids went to school and came back to an empty house, the reason for this was I.C.E. (Immigration Customs Enforcement) came, while the kids were at school, I.C.E. took their parents away because they were illegal immigrants. Did you know that in order to gain citizenship in the U.S. you have to have photo of you, your arrest records, birth certificate, answer 100 questions, and be accepted.

The government has invested way too much money into  immigration control and the wall in Mexico.  The government almost bankrupted our country because they were putting too much money into the wall in Mexico.  The wall was meant to keep illegal immigrants out of the United states of America. The government owes $17,225,611,394,326.98 mainly because they keep building the wall.

So many people want to come to the U.S.A.  because it’s a free country and a wealthy country. “Free country” means that you have the right to be free and speak your mind and be your self. Around 12 million people out of 120.8 from Mexico, in the past four decades have gone to the US, all were illegal immigrants and its not just in Mexico (Mexico-US Immigration Remittance, Rt.com).

Some women in other countries can’t show any of their skin, others countries won’t let you choose a religion, and some countries won’t let you travel unless you apply for a visa.

Immigration is a hard thing to control and, it’s a big part of our history as well. What troubles me most about immigration is that families get separated, the government puts too much money in it, and to many people want to live in the US. The government has tried to prevent immigrating illegally but illegal immigrants still enter the borders in spite of all the work the government has put in.



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Benjamin Franklin

Benjamin Franklin was born on Milk street in Boston on January 17, 1706, (“Ben Franklin: A Quick Biography of Benjamin Franklin,” ushistory.org). His father was Josiah Franklin. His schooling ended at the age of ten. Benjamin had 16 brothers and sisters total.

When Benjamin Franklin was 12, he became his brother ’s apprentice as a printer, and when he was 15 his brother, James, made the first newspaper. Benjamin took over his brother’s printing company and became really popular in the 1730s and 1740s. By 1749, he retired from the printing business and became more interested in science.

Benjamin Franklin was an excellent inventor and scientist. Benjamin Franklin invented the swimming flippers, the first library, the first fire station, insurance company, bifocals and the franklin stove. He was the first person to experiment with electricity. One day he was flying a kite, then a bolt of lightning struck the kite. That is why he was he so fascinated by electricity.

Franklin was one of the most involved founding father’s. He signed all four founding documents: the Declaration of Independence, Treaty of Alliance, Amity, and Commerce with France, the Treaty of Peace between England, France, and the United States, and the Constitution. Benjamin Franklin was the only American to go to France as an ambassador of the United States. He asked if they could help fight the British. Although Franklin never fought with weapons, he fought with persuasion.

He actually wrote parts of the Declaration of Independence. Benjamin wrote the first draft of the Declaration of independence, but the Founding Fathers did not accept it.  Then another founding father named Thomas Jefferson wrote the declaration of independence that we know today. John Adams, Benjamin Franklin, Alexander Hamilton, John Jay, Thomas Jefferson, James Madison, and George Washington are all the founding fathers.

Another cool thing about Benjamin Franklin is that he is on the hundred dollar bill. Ben Franklin is on the 100 dollar bill because he was the one responsible for the Declaration of Independence which he signed in 1776. Ben died peacefully in his sleep on April 17, 1790 He was 84 years old.

His funeral in Philadelphia attracted the largest crowd of mourners ever known. An estimated 20,000 people crowded around the Christ Church Burial Ground where he was buried beside his wife Deborah Read Rogers Franklin who had died sixteen years before him. The tombstone on their grave said “Benjamin and Deborah Franklin: 1790.”(Ben Franklin: resources for science learning, the franklin institute.

There are many great men in our time, but Benjamin Franklin is the man who made us a country. The man who made so many inventions that we use today. The man who helped come up with the Declaration of Independence. That is a true great man.


Ryan Farrell, Doing Well

Ryan Farrell, a six year old child, son of Jesse Farrell, who was formerly a student at Salmon Creek Community School, is doing baseball, some occasional play dates, and homestudy now. According to Mr. Farrell, “Ryan has a couple of teachers–Heather Sharlack, Clifford Kitts, and [Kym Kemp].”

When Ryan Farrell was at Salmon Creek Community School, hiking, outdoor games, and other outside activities were his favorite things to do. Recently, Ryan came on a school field trip to see the Hawaiian Chieftain and the Blue Ox Millworks. He still comes to Salmon Creek School events. Now he is playing baseball with three of his old classmates and also having swim lessons.  Ryan doesn’t really miss Salmon Creek School and is doing well.

His father, Jesse Farrell said, “Ryan is really smart but has some emotional difficulties. I think Salmon Creek School needs to acquire a certified counselor to aid in social behavior and the emotional growth of the children. They should be there as a positive influence and not a discipline enforcer. That would be a valuable resource for the school in my opinion.”

Gray Scromplet

Eagles are strong and fierce creatures that catch fish, have great giant nests, have enormous wingspans, and adorable babies. I think that the new eaglet on the North Coast should be called Omega. In the Greek language,  “Omega” is the last letter in the alphabet and the little eagle was born last. I hope this eaglet will grow up to become a strong mother or father with a giant nest and with two adorable little scroplets of his or her own.

Who Wouldn’t Want to Work with Legos?

According to Amon Armstrong who works at Play Well in Arcata, “I’ve loved LEGO since I was about 6 years old. I used to wake up early and build projects,  then show them to my parents when they woke up.” Everyone knows that kids love Legos but did you know grownups love Legos, too?

Armstrong likes his job and this is why, “I love teaching kids and this is a great way to keep them interested while slipping in some nice engineering lessons along the way.” Mr. Armstrong has been into teaching kids and has been into Legos since he was 6 years old. Now he teaches kids how to build really cool Legos projects at Play Well.

In order to get his job at Play Well, Amon Armstrong said, “I really just had to have experience with teaching kids and to be enthusiastic.” Armstrong’s job is an instructor who does Lego classes 2 times a week and he sometimes conducts Lego birthday parties. He said, “I just see myself working really hard to make everything just right for the students, then I relax and help any way I can to get kids to the point where they are SO excited about what they have created that they can barely suppress giggles and screams.”

Amon teaches kids techniques and good building lessons with Lego. They build remote control cars to solar power vehicles. If your kid likes Legos and if you’re willing to pay $100 for classes Play Well in Arcada is the place. Here’s a link to the Play Well website.